Our Property

Our Mission

It is our intention to lovingly welcome you as you are, and to provide a space at Stowe Mountain Ranch that nurtures and supports you and members of our yoga community on our shared journey.  We are dedicated to creating true community, helping all of us to better connect with ourselves and those around us.  In our Stowe Vermont sanctuary, we challenge each individual to be fully present, to engage in both your yoga practice indoors and our beautiful Vermont countryside. We invite you to uncover a new way of being. We are committed to providing you an authentic, wonderful Vermont experience, one that will last you an eternity.

Giving Back

Stowe Mountain Ranch is the founder of Vermont Bound, a retreat program for inner city teens from The Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. Several times each year we donate our property, and host at no expense, 13-17 year olds who come to ride our wonderful horses, climb our mountains, swim in our beautiful waterfalls, drive our antique farm tractors, take yoga and feel safe and loved. We also run a therapeutic riding program for cancer patients/survivors in conjunction with the annual Stowe Weekend of Hope. A high percentage of these are breast cancer patients and survivors and we love sharing our horses with these beautiful women. Finally, we are a member of the Stowe Farmers Market and support it by bringing our horses most sundays for visitors to experience them.  For our unique contribution to our community we were recently featured in Stowe Magazine and seen on HGTV.

We Are Green

We take great pride in being a very green retreat center. This includes having several different solar technology arrays on our property. Our first is a large solar hot water heating system on our roof facing the south. Our second is a solar space heating system, with five solar arrays that transfer 100 degree heat into the retreat center in the winter when the sun is shining.  To our knowledge, we were the first  property in Vermont to use solar space heating technology. We also use a very efficient wood pellet stove as a heat generater. Wood pellets generate far fewer carbon emmissions than either oil or a wood stove. Wood pellets are a form of renewable energy produced locally in Vermont. Next our ceilings have a insulation factor of 60 and our walls a insulation factor of 25……far greater than most structures in cold weather climates. We use energy saving light bulbs in every room, conduct a minimal waste recycling program and use earth-friendly cleaning supplies. Finally…..you guessed it…the owner drives a Toyota Prius …..and you likely know that story.

Our Indian Tipi

We are pleased to offer the option of utilizing our very cool and very authentic American made Indian Tipi. Our Tipi is 14 feet wide at the base and 20 feet high in height and can sleep up to 6 people.

Our Tipi can also be utilized for meditation sessions, fires, the reading of ghost stories, etc…

We have positioned the Tipi on our property overlooking the river so that you can hear the sound of the river when you sleep.

Blue Grass Singer

We are blessed to be surrounded with beautiful music in Stowe Vermont including the presence of bluegrass singer, song writer and guitarist Leslie Grant.  About 75% of the retreats that come to Stowe Mountain Ranch have Leslie Grant play on their last night here usually from 8-10:00pm. She sings a variety of music that most of your attendees will want to sing along with. In the spring, summer and fall you can build a bonfire by the Indian Teepee and have her play outdoors underneath the stars. The horses usually cluster near by to join you!


If you can drive we recommend it. If you are traveling here outside of a reasonable driving range you can fly into Burlington International Airport in Vermont, take Amtrac or take a bus. If you fly to the airport it is about a 45 minute drive to Stowe. Hundreds of people fly into this airport each day and travel to Stowe. I suggest you take a taxi from Blazer Transportation at 802-349-4269 or use hotwire.com to get rates on a car rental. If you stay here in the winter we are directly on the free shuttle route to Stowe Village and to our neighbors Stowe Mountain Resort. If you are here in the spring/summer/fall you can borrow one of our bikes to get around.